50 vídeos en anglès per explicar el procés català cap a la independència

Compilació feta per Alba Rebordosa.


Here is a good selection of videos in English that informs of Catalonia and the process towards independence: history, economy, culture, institutions, social movements …

  1. Stop spoliation
  2. Pau Casals in The United Nations (1970): “I’m a catalan”
  3.  Spain’s Secret Conflict, An informative documentary about our relations with the spanish state.
  4. Catalonia 2014, Our hope to be Free by 2014, after 300 years of occupation.
  5. Decolonisation and new states in the world.
  6. ANC: “Let’s not tell him tales, Let’s build him a Country”
  7. Catalonia is ready for independence, Catalonia lost its sovereignty in 1714 when it was conquered by the Spanish Bourbon Kingdom (with french troops collaboration), since then, Spain has not treated with respect the catalan nation. Now, 300 years after, Catalonia is ready for independence.
  8. Catalonia: Identity A film on Catalonia with Prof Michael Keating, European University Institute.
  9. What is Catalonia? Catalan, a business opportunity
  10. Catalonia is not Spain. Catalonia is an oppressed nation… Catalunya lost its national rights in 1714, when it was defeated by the Spanish troops of FelipeV. But three centuries later the Catalans even continue fighting by their rights.
  11. Catalan vote tests region’s sense of independence. BBC News (2009) – Catalan towns and villages are holding an unofficial referendum to test support for breaking away from Spain entirely. In 2006 the region passed a law defining Catalonia as a nation and creating more autonomy, but the Spanish government blocked the ruling. However Catalans say they feel different from the rest of Spain, with their own language and culture – and some say the region’s prosperity is subsidising the rest of the country. (Sarah Rainsford reports from Vic in Catalonia).
  12. Why Catalania is not Spain? Many people of the world think that Catalonia is a part of Spain from nature. And it’s not like this. Our lands was stolen of our hands 4 centuries ago, we have not surrendered from then and we, one and another time, have been asking that they gave them back to us, but between wars and dictatorships the one that it was legitimately has always been denied us ours.
  13. Catalonia Calls to the World
  14. Catalonia independence or autonomy? Catalonia is a major economic engine within Spain. However, many Catalans are tired of the taxes they hand over to Madrid. It is a region with a proud histroy and language and calls for independence are growing louder. Is Catalonia serious about a split from Spain?
  15. Catalonia’s independence Video based in Prof. Sala i Martin’s article.
  16. Freedom for Catalonia, Catalunya!
  17. Freedom for Catalonia After almost 300 years of struggle it is about time that Catalonia separates from Spain. No more opression.
  18. Catalonia is not Spain!!!
  19. Talking about Catalonia independence | Alana
  20. I’m catalan, I love freedom
  21. We are a nation, we decide. The demonstration in the center of Barcelona on July 10th, 2010
  22. Catalans vote in symbolic independence referèndum AFP – People in Catalonia voted in symbolic referendums on Sunday that organisers hope will be a step towards eventual independence from Spain for the wealthy northeastern region
  23. Catalan calls for independence from Spain (March, 2010) Catalonia unofficial polls have shown the Spanish region is strongly in favor of separation. But as calls for a referendum on independence continue, the issue seems far more complicated.
  24. Catalonia rallies for independence Al Jazeera English (13/08/2010). There are growing calls from people in Catalania, a region in Spain where residents have their own unique language and culture, for a breakaway from the country.
  25. Demonstration for the Independence of Catalonia. Aerial View. TV3 – Televisiò de Catalunya (10/07/2010 ). More than one million people (1’100’000 according city police) gathered last July 10th againts the Spanish Contitutional Court ruling againts the Catalan self-rule. The protest became a general claim for the independence of this current Spanish region.
  26. Catalan Way in Catalonia September 11th, 2013
  27. Catalan Way in the world.
  28. FLASHMOB – INDEPENDENCE OF CATALONIA – (18th of March 2012)
  29. Catalonia v Spain – ‘The Human Chain’, Fight for Independence
  30. LipDub – Independence of Catalonia
  31. Degrees of Separation: Catalonia independence cries get louder
  32. TooneTV : Catalonia – More Than Just A Community
  33. A trip around Catalonia – Timelapse
  34. BBC An informative documentary
  35. Cry for Catalan independence during the ‘classic’ Barça – Real Madrid
  36. A conference about Catalonia, by Matthew Tree, a British journalist who lives here.
  37. The president of Catalonia, Artur Mas, receive participants in the summit of the ECB (Barcelona, 02/05/2012).
  38. Two americans talking about Catalonia and its independence process
  39. Farewell Spain?
  40. Goodbye Spain, A documentary that compares Catalonia’s situation with those of some other nations without a state.
  41. Catalan Way
  42. Barcelona Skyline – Drone view of Barcelona
  44. Barcelona
  45. Statues of Liberty
  46. Catalonia
  47. The History of the Catalans from Catalonia
  48. Andreu Mas-Colell, Minister of Economy, Government of Catalonia
  49. The construction of the largest human castle in history
  50. Barcelona